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The Healing Warrior

Debra Laughlin is a teacher, healer, self-worthiness crusader and founder of Worthiness Academy. With over 30 years of shamanic experience, Debra travels the world, teaching people how to tackle unhealthy patterns, behaviors and addictions by healing themselves from within.

The Worthiness Academy supports people to grow their self-worth to aid in addiction recovery, tackle deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy, and ultimately empower people to make good choices and become the architect of their own lives.

Eelay Media’s emotive and moving visual storytelling takes the audience on Debra’s gripping personal journey to addiction recovery and unification with nature.


Former military vet, Australian Gordon McDonald is the man in the red shoes. In 2018 he began his new life after a rare stem cell replacement procedure and amputation of both lower legs. Today, with new carbon fiber legs, he is training to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. With a severe Auto Immune Disorder, Gordon endured a decade of misdiagnoses, uncertainty with multiple moments of facing death, change, transformation. The Man in the Red Shoes tracks how after losing all bodily function, being totally powerless, Gordon finds his soul and his strength.


‘The first step to enlightenment is to lighten up’. Built on Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and fusing Eastern mysticism into Western pragmatism in an accessible and transformative way, Gurus of the Spiritual Path are here to help illuminate the way. Guru Singh, Guruperkarma Kaur and Sevek Singh: yogis, master spiritual teachers, authors, and musicians who gracefully bring ancient spiritual practices and philosophies into the now with ease, humanity, humility and a healthy dose of humour.

Three happy gurus in conversation
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